The art of creating patents in the field of artificial intelligence

The conference “Challenges of protection of its innovations – a common path to success” was held today in the “Moskva” hotel, and was organized by the Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Serbia and the European Patent Office, with the support of the Association of Business Women of Serbia.

Milana Vitas, patent engineer at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia, spoke about the generation of patents in the field of artificial intelligence.

The conference was organized in a hybrid style, and participants had the opportunity to learn about the importance of intellectual property protection in business, as well as the contemporary issues encountered by women in science and entrepreneurship.

Numerous lecturers from the academic community and institutions dealing with innovation and entrepreneurship gave talks on patent protection and the most recent technological advances, as well as support programs for women entrepreneurs.

The panel discussion “How important are innovations in business?” drew special attention from the participants because entrepreneurs who protected their innovations with patents shared their experiences and business challenges they encountered in the realization, protection, and market placement of their innovations.