“Talents Together 5.0 – Back to the Future”

The fifth annual conference “Talents Together 5.0 – Back to the Future” was held in the Palace of Serbia, and among the presenters was Dr. Dejan Mircetic, a research associate at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia.

The conference was divided into two subject parts, with the first concentrating on the concept of returning talents from abroad and returning to life after isolation. During the second half of the conference, future initiatives of national importance, such as the new scientific complex “Bio4 Kampus” and the business-creative-artistic complex “Lozionica”, were presented.

Dr. Dejan Mircetic spoke about the prospects for creating and implementing AI in Serbia, the opportunities for young talents and scientists that AI gives, and how to keep up with the future and utilize AI in everyday life.

“It is critical for IVI to participate in such events if it is to become one of the main hubs for knowledge transfer from high-tech nations in the future. As a result, the Institute’s doors are open to collaboration with our global talents who desire to bring the same to their own country. My experiences have been quite great; I have met many of our specialists who are working on interesting projects from AI over the globe, and I hope that we will be able to collaborate in the future”, Dr. Mircetic explained.

More than 320 researchers, innovators, entrepreneurs, and successful returnees attended the meeting, and attendees had the chance to share ideas and hear intriguing stories of individuals from the diaspora, as well as the reasons for their return to Serbia.