Official business and technical collaboration with “Post of Serbia”

Prof. Dr. Dubravko Culibrk, acting director of the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia, and acting “Post of Serbia” Zoran Djordjevic have signed a cooperation agreement that outlines the implementation of cooperative technical and scientific research projects.

At that time, IVI’s acting director, Prof. Dr. Dubravko Culibrk, predicted that the Institute’s and Post of Serbia’с collaborative efforts would produce tangible outcomes and innovations that would not only advance the study and use of artificial intelligence and machine learning in Serbia but also advance our society as a whole.

“Artificial intelligence can help quickly and accurately process large amounts of data, including information about shipments, addresses, delivery times, and other relevant information, which can help improve shipment tracking processes and reduce delivery times. According to Prof. Dr. Culibrk, “Artificial intelligence has the potential to optimize processes and boost business efficiency, which could lead to better quality services for end users but also increase competitiveness”.

Acting director of Post of Serbia, Zoran Djordjevic, stated that this institution is in the process of digitization and aspires to compete in the nations of the area as well.

“The Post of Serbia wants to work closely and link with the Institute for Artificial Intelligence of Serbia in the upcoming period through cooperative initiatives, the creation of new technologies, and the joint application of scientific advancements.The Post of Serbia, one of the forerunners in the development of electronic administration. We will use the potential of artificial intelligence to further improve and modernize our services for citizens and business users”, said Djordjevic.